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Love it...

Love the animation. You've really evolved with your arts and animation styles. Favorite part is the dragon. Link shits his pants and the dragon complains. Awesome job.

Ha, funny horror...

The guy was eating a sandwich when the other guys were killing the zombies. One guy opens a door and hits one. Funny and cool at the same time. Animation is simple, and that's fine enough for me.

Haha, them French people are crazy huh?

They launched the collider this Tuesday (March 30th 2010.) Supposedly it did nothing but give us some information of what created the world. Now they are going to test smaller particles. Haha, good job French, start creating black holes. One luck doesn't mean your going to have luck all the time.

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This game never get's old...

This game is still fun. Awesome!

Just perfect!

I enjoyed this game and enjoyed the nuke explosions. Love the graphics and love the controls. Thank you for uploading a sequel.

I enjoyed playing...

Awesome job with the art and awesome job with the story. Game has humor and action in it. Great, keep up the good work.

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I love the sci-fi feeling of this song...

I love how it sounds like si-fi.

This one is pretty good

Amazing job with the sounds.

I see how this was featured :D

Awesome remix man! Love the remake of the beet and love the new sound effects added into the song. Keep up the awesome work and I am never listening to the original again.

b0b3rt responds:

Appreciate it.

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Haha, wow...

Great job with the animation but the graphics could've been better.

Cool vector...

I love your vector work and this is one of the best ones that you have done. Keep up the great work.


The New Super Mario Bros Wii rocks. I just bout it a couple days ago and it's awesome.

Okay, so I have edited about me. Here is the things now, okay. I am interested into programming. My father got me into it. Really I had a favorite user on Newgrounds.com called "maccymacle". He was a great user, he was my friend. Here is more about me(AIM

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