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Love it...

Love the animation. You've really evolved with your arts and animation styles. Favorite part is the dragon. Link shits his pants and the dragon complains. Awesome job.

Ha, funny horror...

The guy was eating a sandwich when the other guys were killing the zombies. One guy opens a door and hits one. Funny and cool at the same time. Animation is simple, and that's fine enough for me.

Haha, them French people are crazy huh?

They launched the collider this Tuesday (March 30th 2010.) Supposedly it did nothing but give us some information of what created the world. Now they are going to test smaller particles. Haha, good job French, start creating black holes. One luck doesn't mean your going to have luck all the time.

Eh, wasn't the best from your collection...

Eh, the funniest part is when the guy was allergic from the tea.

Love it :D

Love the comedy of this video. Keep it up!

Well, you were right about leaving...

Ah, didn't like it that well. Twilight Princess was the best Zelda game released for the Wii so far. I got to admit the game was boring because of the wolf form (Thats what ruined it for me.) I would like it if you could be more correct with your reviews. Awesome animation and that's why you earned a 5.


I'm sorry but it wasn't funny for me. You could've done better with the jokes. Keep trying and you could probably get better.


Funny, the Japanese people made this funny.

You should of done better...

You should of put more time and effort into the graphics. But the animation was good.

moviemaker310 responds:

Mmmm. The cars and explosions were my friends designs!
hes new into flash. And he wanted to do something in my movie...

It was a bit short

This was to short which made me give you an 8. Awesome sprites and backdrops. Keep up the great work.

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